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Review: AOC Agon AG352UCG Curved Gaming Monitor

When it comes to choosing the gaming monitors, you need to choose the one that makes you feel like you in within the action. Your gaming can only be as good as the monitor you are using. If you are using an old monitor, it is time to upgrade and look for a product that will give a real experience of the game. Also, you need to make sure you focus on the features of the best gaming monitor as compared to the price. With that said, the AOC Agon AG352UCG Curved Gaming monitor is one of those gaming screens that you need to give a try. But before you do that, read through this review to help you make an informed decision.

#The Design

AOC Agon AG352UCG Curved is a 35” inch monitor measuring 847x 587 x266.5mm and will definitely dominate the space of your gaming table. However, the large size comes with benefits which you will enjoy the moment you plug it in and start playing. To ensure maximum comfort while playing, this monitor comes with a stand which you can easily swivel, tilt, and adjust accordingly. If you feel that the monitor is too large for a table, you can use a Vesa 100×100 to mount it on the wall.


This monitor uses the latest AON’s latest cutting-edge display which becomes apparent when you keenly look the face of the AOC Agon AG352UCG. While you plug in the monitor and switch it on, you will clearly see an LED lighting strip at the bottom of the screen. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the screen color to green, blue or red., you can also decide to either dim it or switch it off as you see appropriate.

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Additionally, there are some aluminum colored wings at the back of the monitor which are further decorated using LED lights. These addition lights give the monitor more discrete and cleaner features as compared to other screens within its price range. To ensure you only use certified connector accessories, the AOC Agon AG352UCG monitor comes with a G-Sync module that blocks all uncertified connectors. However, it comes with several ports including the HDMI 1.4, 3.5mm jack audio pass, 1.2 DisplayPort video input receptacles, and USB ports.


With a 35-in VA panel, this monitor can reach a resolution 3440x 1440 and a variable refresh rate of 100Hz. At maximum brightness, the monitor can reach a contrast ratio of 2000:1 while middle setting will achieve 1900:1. It also has an excellent color vibrancy and especially for playing games that require color variances between different objects.


Despite these outstanding features, this product is not 100% perfect as you can note discoloration issues when watching vibrant or cartoony images.


Overall, the AOC Agon AG352UCG Curved Gaming monitor offers you a superb viewing experience which makes it worth every penny. With the ability to correct gamma and brightness, you can always adjust the colors to your liking. However, if you are bit color sensitive, you might consider other expensive gaming monitors.

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Roccat Kone Aimo: Gaming Mouse Review

Roccat Kone Aimo gaming mouse is a unique gadget whose features and design achieves near perfection. Its breathtaking innovations have seen it out-perform the standard set by previous designs. The Kone Aimo gaming mouse has been pioneered using Roccat’s signature; the Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha (RGBA) technology. Moreover, the company involved a number of gamers and loyal Kone users in the process of designing the Kone Aimo gaming mouse. The mouse has improved button distinction and boasts of highly refined ergonomics compared to its predecessors. Its major unique features are the state of the art optical sensor that adopts the use of Owl-Eye technology thus enhancing accuracy and the AIMO intelligent lighting system.


  •  5 G optical sensor
  • Wired connectivity
  • Up to 12 programmable buttons
  • Maximum acceleration of 50 G
  • Maximum speed of up to 250 inches per second
  • 12,000 Dots Per Inch (DPI) levels
  • Roccat Mechanical switches
  • Razor Chroma-enabled
  • Onboard memory of up to 512 kilobytes
  • Razor Synapse-enabled
  • Adjustable lift-off distance

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Kone Aimo Design

Its overall shape resembles that of the Roccat Leader Mouse. Kone Aimo’s ergonomics have been mastered perfectly hence positioning every button within reach of fingers and easy to press. Therefore, the user does not need to carry out odd movements. The mouse has an excellently designed tri-button zone that allows the thumb to rest near the shift button for a faster expansion of buttons. In additional to the tri-button thumb pad, there is a 4-dimensional Titan scroll wheel. These ergonomics provide comfort, control, and a better feeling when using the gadget. Kone Aimo gaming mouse has four light strips. The Aimo technology enables the RGBA light system to respond organically and intuitively to usage. This design component enhances the gamers’ experiences rather than distract them. Finally, the Roccat swarm software suite provides gamers with unlimited customization options and gaming flexibility irrespective of the genre of your favorite games.

Optical Sensor

The Owl-Eye optical sensor has been modified to higher standards. It features up to 12,000 DPI that can translate the user’s movements onto the screen with an accuracy ratio of 1:1. Under the hood of the mouse, there is a Distance Control Unit that promotes lesser pick up flight. The 512 kbs onboard memory enables the user to carry out rapid executions and savings or storage of up to five different profiles. Notably, most users appreciate the Kone Aimo’s speed. Roccat is now branding the mouse with a tagline “speed of light.” The tagline seems fitting because of the Owl-Eye optical sensor and the Easy Shift technology. Almost everything the gamer sees or does happen at the speed of light.


Kone Aimo is engineered using high-quality plastic material making it highly durable. Despite its big size, the mouse is fun and easy to use once you get used to holding it in your palm.


  • Kone Aimo gaming mouse uses the Owl-Eye optical sensor which is considered to be the best among all the other mouse sensors
  • The mouse is very attractive due to the Aimo lighting technology
  • It has an adjustable lift off distance
  • It provides an enhanced gaming experienced due to the Roccat’s swarm software which offers numerous customization options
  • The Easy-Shift technology enables users to play different genres of games
  • The mouse is sturdy and very durable


  • It is abnormally big for some gamers
  • Only the right-handed gamers can use it

Certainly, Kone Aimo is one of the leading mice that offer pleasant gaming experiences to users. It offers reliability, durability, comfort, and its attractiveness is breathtaking. It is go-for-gaming mice for those who want to make their gaming experience memorable. In spite of the few cons, after your first game, it will surely earn a place in your gaming area.

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Game Review: Hand of Fate 2

The clumsy and repetitive deck building card adventures and the limited characters in the original Hand of Fate made me think that minimal could be done to improve the game. However, interacting with the Hand of Fate 2 made me realize how wrong I was. The mash-up that comes with the adventures in the new version alters the game entirely. In this version, it is hard to develop a pattern of how the missions will end up. This situation made me feel thrilled every time I completed a challenge since there were many elements of surprise. Hand of Fate 2 is a masterpiece of variety with randomized adventures, multiple ways of solving conflicts and a variety of assisting characters that takes the original Hand of fate game to a whole new level.

Three significant improvements depicted in Hand of Fate 2

1. Randomized Challenges

There is no way to discern where the next move will take you in Hands of Fate 2. The situation makes the player thorough in their choices on every level since there are no linear missions with a definite pattern of complexity. I was forced to come up with novel means of combating the different enemies and obstacles every time I started a mission. More so, with 22 missions in this new version, every stage feels like an entirely new experience. What I liked about these challenges most is the fact that I could halt one mission and jump on to the next if it proved overly complicated. This choice is an excellent respite from the original version which made a player repeat one mission over and over until they found a solution.

2. A game of chance

This aspect about Hand of Fate 2 generates suspense. The game is one of chance thus one does not rely solely on skills or tricks to overcome a particular obstacle. The situation makes some missions to be completed purely by luck. The “pick a card” criteria used in the game puts one’s skills in jeopardy since the cards are shuffled randomly with various degrees of success or failure in a mission. In this regard, I could be starving at one moment and then stumble on healthy and juicy snacks in the next. This element of surprise gives every mission a tinge of originality that makes the whole experience fulfilling.

3. Powerful Companion Characters

Four NPCs accompany the player at every stage of the mission. The characters have skills that enhance one’s luck during very tough situations in the game. Therefore, the game shifts from dodging and blocking to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents. For instance, the Ariadne is an armor-shattering character that will come in handy when confronted by an enemy that seems insurmountable


The changes included in the Hand of Fate 2 makes the game fresh even when you repeat it many times. The core aspects of sound, framework, and entertainment have all been uplifted to a new level. It is a good treat for any video game lover since it stretches one’s imagination, mastery of content and judgment to the limits through smarter combat, powerful companion characters, and thoughtful card decking.

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