5 Harsh Chemicals That Can Help To Remove Hard Water Deposits


Hard water deposits are one of the most challenging parts of cleaning. These deposits can cause a permanent stain in your home that leads to an embarrassment. Some people may be afraid to use expensive and harsh chemicals to remove Hard Water Deposits.

If you know the disdain of hard water deposits, then negotiating for harsh chemicals should be a great option. Harsh chemicals have what it takes to remove hard water deposits without much effort. Water softener reviews on this page will give you an idea of how harsh chemicals work for stains.

Rub Alcohol

Remove Hard Water Deposits

Some kinds of alcohol can be costly to buy. Expensive alcohol has a fast cleansing performance on stains and deposits. If you want to get rid of your hard water deposits faster than anticipated, then try to rub with alcohol.

There is every possibility to mix a tablespoon of white vinegar, one cup of water and a cup of alcohol. Pour this mixture directly on the affected area and allow for a couple of minutes.

Water And White Vinegar

White vinegar comes with mild acidic features. This will help to get rid of soap scum, water accumulation, and dirt. If your floor, kitchen or faucet is affected by hard water deposits, try to pour some vinegar. If the harshness is high, then merely dilute with some water to make cleaning easy.


Ammonia display alkaline features that make it an ideal product to help remove hard water deposits. Below is a simple way of using ammonia and other ingredients in freeing your faucets, kitchen or shower of deposits.

  • One tablespoon of dishwashing liquid
  • One tablespoon of clear non-suds ammonia
  • Two cups of water

Mix these ingredients properly and apply on the affected area. Some people may also decide to add some alcohol to the overall mixture. The result will be an unprecedented one that is beyond your anticipation.

Complete Strength White Vinegar

Pure white vinegar without mixing any item is harsh and powerful for cleaning. The calcium and magnesium deposits in your hard water can be removed by using a fresh bottle of pure white vinegar. Apply this product to the affected area and allow to work.

Even aging hard water deposits on your counters, sink and showers will disappear almost immediately. Ensure that the affected environment is rinsed adequately after applying the pure white vinegar.

Fresh Lemon Cleaning Products

Remember that lemon contains neat acidic features that can help in cleaning homes and offices. Though, lemon can be used if you only want to handle light cleaning task. However, some expensive fresh lemon products come with one hundred percent acidic qualities. When mixed together with vinegar, lemon products can help to get rid of hard water deposits.


Hard water deposits are tough to remove especially if you plan to use light cleaning products. With expensive and harsh chemicals, you may eventually be able to remove hard water deposits for a long time. Using the examples in this article will help you remove deposits and stains from hard water easily.

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