Game Review: Hand of Fate 2


The clumsy and repetitive deck building card adventures and the limited characters in the original Hand of Fate made me think that minimal could be done to improve the game. However, interacting with the Hand of Fate 2 made me realize how wrong I was. The mash-up that comes with the adventures in the new version alters the game entirely. In this version, it is hard to develop a pattern of how the missions will end up. This situation made me feel thrilled every time I completed a challenge since there were many elements of surprise. Hand of Fate 2 is a masterpiece of variety with randomized adventures, multiple ways of solving conflicts and a variety of assisting characters that takes the original Hand of fate game to a whole new level.

Three significant improvements depicted in Hand of Fate 2

1. Randomized Challenges

There is no way to discern where the next move will take you in Hands of Fate 2. The situation makes the player thorough in their choices on every level since there are no linear missions with a definite pattern of complexity. I was forced to come up with novel means of combating the different enemies and obstacles every time I started a mission. More so, with 22 missions in this new version, every stage feels like an entirely new experience. What I liked about these challenges most is the fact that I could halt one mission and jump on to the next if it proved overly complicated. This choice is an excellent respite from the original version which made a player repeat one mission over and over until they found a solution.

2. A game of chance

This aspect about Hand of Fate 2 generates suspense. The game is one of chance thus one does not rely solely on skills or tricks to overcome a particular obstacle. The situation makes some missions to be completed purely by luck. The “pick a card” criteria used in the game puts one’s skills in jeopardy since the cards are shuffled randomly with various degrees of success or failure in a mission. In this regard, I could be starving at one moment and then stumble on healthy and juicy snacks in the next. This element of surprise gives every mission a tinge of originality that makes the whole experience fulfilling.

3. Powerful Companion Characters

Four NPCs accompany the player at every stage of the mission. The characters have skills that enhance one’s luck during very tough situations in the game. Therefore, the game shifts from dodging and blocking to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents. For instance, the Ariadne is an armor-shattering character that will come in handy when confronted by an enemy that seems insurmountable


The changes included in the Hand of Fate 2 makes the game fresh even when you repeat it many times. The core aspects of sound, framework, and entertainment have all been uplifted to a new level. It is a good treat for any video game lover since it stretches one’s imagination, mastery of content and judgment to the limits through smarter combat, powerful companion characters, and thoughtful card decking.

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